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Logline: Set in 1980s Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, and Cataño, Puerto Rico--A Nuyorican girl learns resilience as she copes with her once-idolized musician father's decline and the challenges of her notorious neighborhood.

GENRE : YA Family Drama

Principal Photography/Filming: Completed 12/20/2023

Currently in Post Production
Editing is in progress (began January 2024)
Anticipated date to Picture Lock: 4/1/24

Color Correction/Sound: Anticipated Start date 4/15/24


Take a trip back to the vibrant 1980s in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and Cataño, Puerto Rico, where a spunky Puerto Rican girl finds solace in hip-hop amid the harsh realities of her musician father's struggles and the oppressive crime-ridden neighborhood she calls home. Experience her resilience as she rises above the challenges that threaten to break her spirit and witness the power of music, and love to heal all wounds. Come along for a journey of grit, determination, and heart in this inspiring tale of a young girl's triumph over adversity.

Stageplay Reviews

“From Girlhood Trials to Onstage Triumph.”

The New York Times


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