Set in 1980's Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY--the height
of the crack and crime epidemics--A spunky Latina must find her own path as she comes of age to face the grim realities of the musician father she once idolized and the deteriorating neighborhood she calls home.

GENRE : Coming-of-Age Drama
RUN TIME : 90 minutes
STATUS : Pre Production
AUDIENCE : 13-45 Female & Male Urban

Elaine is an effervescent 8-year-old living with her Mom, Dad, and three half-siblings as one of the only Puerto Rican families in the welfare projects of Brownsville, Brooklyn, in 1980s New York City. Her best friends are her intellectually disabled aunt, Elizabeth, and her musically gifted, salsa-loving father, Manny. Elaine idolizes her father and is incredibly proud that she has inherited his artistic ways. Through Elaine’s young eyes, life is perfect. But everything comes crashing down when she discovers her father struggles with drug addiction. As a result, Manny must leave her behind to rehabilitate in his hometown of Puerto Rico.

Three years later, Elaine enters her rebellious teenage years amidst her increasingly deteriorating neighborhood. Fearing for the road ahead, her mother sends her to spend a summer with her now rehabilitated father, who is still living in Puerto Rico. Manny will try desperately to make up for lost time with Elaine, but he is hiding a new secret: he has contracted HIV from his time as a drug user.

Elaine must find a way to forgive her father and learn from his mistakes so that she may escape the pitfalls of generational poverty and realize her own potential and true self.


“From Girlhood Trials to Onstage Triumph.”

The New York Times