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Indie Film Hustle

Q: How do you make a Film?

A: Anyway you can!


As an indie filmmaker with numerous award-winning short films under her belt, Elaine Del Valle knew she'd have to think outside the box to finally realize her most intimate story, her own Urban Latina coming-of-age experience she titled Brownsville Bred.


In 2021, thanks, in part, to grants from WarnerMedia 150 and the Sundance Institute, Elaine filmed the first act of her Brownsville Bred. She knew that a finished first act would create early adapters.

Elaine said, "If you build it, they will come...and if not, I'll do what Linklater did with Boyhood. Piece by piece and over the years." 

Brownsville Bred (first act/proof-of-concept) was validated when it was selected by the renowned SXSW film festival, where it premiered (March 2022) and won the coveted Audience Award.

In August of 2023, Elaine resumed filming Brownsville Bred and completed the remaining scenes in New York. With 2/3rds of her story completed on film, Elaine and her dedicated team are currently in pre-production for the final portion, set to be filmed in Puerto Rico in December 2023.

Elaine continues her quest to find meaningful partners who will believe in the value of the story and help her finish what she started.

Brownsville Bred accepts tax-deductible donations through its fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. To make a donation visit

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