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Dustin Ward


Dustin Ward is an acclaimed Director of Photography based in New York City. With an impressive 19 awards to his name, he was recently endorsed by Webio Academy amongst the 12 "most exciting cinematographers in NYC." His films can be seen on Max, Tubi, Netflix and SXSW. His notable films include Four Eyes (Best Film Nominee); Proximity (Awarded Best Cinematography, Best Film); Preparation (Awarded Best Film, Best Cinematography Nominee); The Time In-Between the Seconds (Awarded Best Cinematography, two Cinematography Nominations, Best Color); and Princess Cut (an awarded film, on HBOmax). While his primary focus is narrative filmmaking, his eye is also trusted by titans such as Forbes, Apple, A&E, Warner Bros, HP, Dell, Levi’s, Johnson & Johnson, Sephora, and more. His earliest film endeavors were producing videos for local non-profits during his adolescence, and his first big milestone was selling out a movie theater for his six episode series, Rocketship Radio Show, for which he was Producer and Director of Photography.


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