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Dustin Ward


Dustin Ward is a Director of Photography based in New York City with a focus on narrative filmmaking. Named amongst the 12 "most exciting cinematographers in NYC" his notable films include Four Eyes (Best Film Nominee); Proximity (Awarded Best Cinematography, Best Film); Preparation (Awarded Best Film, Best Cinematography Nominee); The Time In-Between the Seconds (Awarded Best Cinematography, two Cinematography Nominations, Best Color); and Princess Cut (an awarded film, on HBOmax). While his primary focus is narrative filmmaking, his eye is also trusted by titans such as Forbes, Apple, A&E, Warner Bros, HP, Dell, Levi’s, Johnson & Johnson, Sephora, and more. His earliest film endeavors were producing videos for local non-profits during his adolescence, and his first big milestone was selling out a movie theater for his six episode series, Rocketship Radio Show, for which he was Producer and Director of Photography.


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