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Brownsville Bred exteriors are primarily filmed on location, authentically in and around Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York.

Filmmaker Elaine Del Valle went back to her hometown, and with permissions from the New York City Housing Authority, the Langston Hughes Tenants Association, NYPD Community Affairs, and PSA 2 departments gained access to use her beloved childhood Langston Hughes project buildings as the perfect backdrop to her story.

She also contacted her Brownsville elementary school, where a former classmate now teaches. The location used as Manny's school (his work environment) is the NY Board of Ed. Public School 284. It is Elaine's real Brownsville, Brooklyn elementary school alma mater. 

Family home interiors are filmed in Manhattan, in a two-bedroom apartment that resembles the writer's childhood home, and in Woodhaven, Queens.

Our Puerto Rico scenes will be filmed on location and include the neighborhoods of Cataño and San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

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